Quick Answer: Is AutoZone a good place to buy parts?

Does AutoZone sell bad parts?

Fix that squeaky brake, knocking engine, or clicking starter with AutoZone’s replacement parts to save money down the road. … We also have car parts for more serious issues like a bad battery, a malfunctioning starter, or even body work.

Who has better quality parts O Reilly’s or AutoZone?

There really isn’t a big difference between Autozone and O’Reilly Auto Parts. In certain situations, you might find one more favorable than the other. Overall, both companies provide both OEM and high-quality 3rd party parts suited to get the job done.

Whose parts are better AutoZone or Advance Auto Parts?

Results were generated by 294 employees and customers of Advance Auto Parts and 445 employees and customers of AutoZone. Advance Auto Parts’s brand is ranked #- in the list of Global Top 1000 Brands, as rated by customers of Advance Auto Parts.

Advance Auto Parts vs AutoZone.

48% Promoters
34% Detractors

Why are AutoZone parts so expensive?

Autozone is so expensive simply because their parts have been marked up so much. When Autozone buys parts from suppliers, they then need to mark up this price so that it will make a profit when they sell it to you. … This can make Autozone parts seem even more expensive.

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Where does AutoZone get their parts?

Auto parts retailers have been spared from sharing the same fate as Barnes & Noble, Toys R Us and so many other companies rendered redundant by Amazon. About 80 percent of AutoZone’s business comes from people repairing their own cars with the other 20 percent coming from professional mechanics.

Will AutoZone change my headlight?

If simply a headlight needs to be replaced, an experienced AutoZone employee should be able to handle it with ease. AutoZone does not provide mechanic services; thus, no disassembly should be done. However, they can change headlight bulbs in some cases.

Is Napa Auto Parts better than AutoZone?

Napa has generally better quality on things. I buy from Advance/Autozone but only some things. They are more expensive, but generally for a reason. I pay less at the dealership, than I would at advance, so unless its blank rotors, master/slave cylinder, or a distributor, it comes from the dealer.

Why is AutoZone always next to Oreillys?

The real reason competitors build in the same location is to remove geography from your buying decision. Advance doesn’t want you to shop at AutoZone because it is closer. They believe the prices, quality and service will beat AutoZone .

Is AutoZone a good place to buy a battery?

But Walmart will install a car battery, no matter where you buy it, for only $10. Sam’s Club offered the next-best deal, followed by NAPA, Advance Auto Parts and AutoZone.

The Top 6 Places To Buy a Car Battery.

Brand Duralast
Price $209.99
Warranty 3 years
Installation Free
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Who has better car parts?

Top 10 Auto Parts Retailers

  • Amazon. One of the most reputable platforms to buy auto parts from is Amazon. …
  • eBay. Most people think that eBay is a place for bidding on products, but they offer more than that. …
  • Advance Auto Parts. …
  • AutoZone. …
  • O’Reilly Auto Parts. …
  • NAPA Auto Parts. …
  • CARiD. …
  • 1A Auto.

Who does AutoZone price match?

Fortunately, Autozone does do price-matching. If you can find the same part or product at O’Reilley’s, Advance Auto, Napa, or a hundred others and it’s cheaper, Autozone will never happen a problem dropping the price to match it.

Does duralast make good parts?

Their Duralast parts are generally lifetime warranted, and they keep all the documentation on their computer network — i.e. no need to come in with receipts. Prices are also quite good, and the rebuilt items appear to have been well done.

Is AutoZone more expensive than Walmart?

Yes they cost more the Walmart but they carry a lot that Walmart doesn’t and will scan you car for you if you have a CEL. But they are likely cheaper than your dealer and are more accessible than your dealer with extended hours and easier locations.

Who’s cheaper AutoZone vs Advance Auto?

Originally Answered: Who’s cheaper, AutoZone or Advance Auto? Both tend to fluctuate, on general items/accessories I’d usually give the win to AutoZone, but Advance occationally has better quality items. For parts, the pricing is usually fairly close, so it’s just a question of convenience.

Will AutoZone change my battery?

Autozone installs most batteries for free. As long as they are standard under the hood installs that take 10 min or less.

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