How much does Toyota car maintenance cost?

Typically, a Toyota owner will spend about $450 per year in maintenance costs, and that number will increase as you add miles to the car. So, with the two-year ToyotaCare maintenance plan, you’ll save at least $900.

Are Toyota cars expensive to maintain?

On average, drivers spend about $441 per year on Toyota maintenance costs, according to RepairPal. That’s on the low end compared to many brands. The first two years of maintenance on new vehicles are free, and then costs increase along with a car’s mileage.

How much does it cost to maintain a Toyota?

How Much Does Toyota Maintenance Cost? The average annual Toyota maintenance cost is $441, according to RepairPal. This is significantly lower than the $652 national average across all car brands.

How much does it cost to maintain a Toyota per year?

According to user data collected by RepairPal, Toyota maintenance costs $441 per year. This includes routine services and mechanical repairs. The annual Toyota maintenance cost is a bit lower than the average across all brands, which is $652.

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Are Toyota cars cheap to maintain?

Toyota is a world famous car manufacturer renowned for producing reliable and longlasting vehicles. Toyota cars have one of the lowest repair frequencies of all car models meaning that over a ten year period they are less likely to need regular trips to the garage.

What car has the lowest maintenance cost?

Here are the eight cars that cost the least to maintain.

  • Toyota Corolla — $710 annual maintenance cost. …
  • Toyota Prius — $763 annual maintenance cost. …
  • Honda Accord — $822 annual maintenance cost. …
  • Kia Soul — $919 annual maintenance cost. …
  • Honda CR-V — $965 annual maintenance cost. …
  • Ford Mustang — $979 annual maintenance cost.

Is Toyota a cheap car brand?

The Corolla is Toyota’s cheapest model

According to Kelley Blue Book, the Toyota Corolla has been a top best-selling car in the world for 12 generations of the car. It’s not only an inexpensive choice, but also a safe one. The Corolla also has easy upkeep and equally great resale value.

How often does a Toyota need servicing?

In most cases, Toyota recommends that Toyota owners schedule a service appointment every six months or 5000 miles, whichever comes first. The maintenance performed during each service appointment varies by vehicle model and year, driving conditions and other factors that our trained technicians evaluate.

Are Toyota parts expensive?

Toyota was really the standout in this study. None of its models made the most expensive list. In addition to the Toyota models that fared well, Kia’s Soul and Honda’s Fit also had low maintenance costs. New vehicles, on average, will cost a driver $1,186 per year to maintain and repair, according to AAA.

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Is Toyota reliable?

As per Consumer Reports annual rankings related to reliability, Toyota ranks second with a reliability score of 78 out of 100. Many Toyota owners believe there are several advantages of buying a Toyota vehicle.

How many miles is Toyota warranty?

Federal regulations require that this warranty be in effect for two years or 24,000 miles from the vehicle’s in-service date, whichever occurs first. However, under the terms of the Basic Warranty, Toyota provides coverage of three years or 36,000 miles, whichever occurs first.

How much does a Toyota 5000 mile service cost?

5,000 MILE SERVICE Conventional Oil


How much does maintenance cost on a Toyota Corolla?

How Frequently Does a Toyota Corolla require maintenance? Overall – the Toyota Corolla has yearly car maintenance costs total to $362 .

Is a Honda or Toyota better?

With the categories we looked at, it turns out that Toyota is the superior brand, having more vehicles, better prices, and superior reliability. However, when it comes to choosing between Honda or Toyota, Honda is no slouch either, having similar reliability ratings, affordable prices, and even better safety ratings.

Why Toyota is overpriced?

Toyota cars like Innova , fortuner are bit more expensive because of their engines. In both the cars over 2 litre engine is used and these engines are one of the best in India. They are expensive because of their durability. These engines can run easily over 5–7 lakhs Km.

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Why are Toyotas More expensive?

Toyotas are expensive because the automaker has been hit hard by a global chip shortage. As a result, dealers face an unprecedented inventory shortage with one of the industry’s lowest days’ supply of vehicles. … Toyota incentives are at historic lows.