Should I unplug my trolling motor?

From a technical viewpoint, no reason to unplug the motor when charging. As long as the charger does not experience an issue, or the battery experience an issue there will be no problems.

How can I make my trolling motor battery last longer?

Maintaining a proper charge affects the longevity of your trolling motor battery more than any other single factor. For best performance, service your battery regularly, store it in a clean, dry, and temperature-controlled place, and use a trickle charger to keep it at maximum charge throughout the offseason.

Do trolling motors charge the battery?

On-board chargers are permanently installed, wired directly to the batteries and can be left in-place between charges – simply connect to an AC power source to charge. DC chargers connect to the boat’s alternator and charge the batteries when the outboard motor is running instead of using AC power.

How long will a battery last with trolling motor?

Almost 5 hours doesn’t seem too bad, but that is really a max runtime in ideal conditions. Reality is likely to be less. If the battery is old, damaged or not fully charged then you will not get the rated amp hours from it, reducing your runtime. Significant cold or hot weather will also reduce your runtime.

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Can a trolling motor burn out?

John stated….. “The major cause of a trolling motor burning out is low battery voltage, line behind prop, or anything else that causes the prop to turn slower than it should. this causes more of a “short” and generates the heat that burns wiring, solder joints, and switches.”

Is a dual purpose battery good for a trolling motor?

A dual-purpose battery provides enough power to start the engine and turn it over, while also providing enough energy to keep your trolling motor running consistently. As the name implies, dual-purpose batteries can be used for both purposes. … They will provide exceptional performance when used with a trolling motor.

What size battery do I need for a 55 lb thrust trolling motor?

For a 55 lb thrust in a trolling motor, you will at least need the battery size of 240Ah rating. Depending on the speed, you will be using approximately 20-40 amps. A 240 is an ideal size, and it will last about 6 hours.

Can you overcharge a trolling motor battery?

Overcharging and Undercharging Marine Batteries

Neither are good,” says Dan Baston, Product Manager / Lead Engineer at Minn Kota. Over or undercharging your batteries will shorten their overall life. Minn Kota chargers are digitally designed to deliver just the right amount of juice every time you plug in. No more.

Should I leave my boat battery charger on all the time?

Some people prefer to leave their boat battery charger plugged in all of the time. However, using any old charger for this purpose can actually overcharge and damage the battery, instead of protecting it. If you want to leave your charger plugged in all the time, make sure that you use a smart trickle charger.

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Can you overcharge a deep cycle battery?

The charging time for deep cycle batteries depends on the number of amp hours it stores. … It’s important to avoid overcharging as this can cause grid corrosion and severely reduce battery life. The excessive heat this creates can also cause the plates within the cells to buckle and shed their active material.

How fast will a 55 lb trolling motor go?

Assuming perfect riding conditions, the use of the best fuel i.e. the distillate marine diesel, and moderate load, 55-pound trolling motors are likely to attain a maximum speed of only 5 miles per hour. This would take around two hours for the deep cycle battery charge to get completely depleted.

Can you use car battery for trolling motor?

deep discharge cycling a car battery (using it for a trolling motor) will ruin it rather quickly. a trolling motor battery is designed to deliver a modest amount of current for a longer period of time. it is designed to tolerate deep discharge/recharge cycles.

Can you use a starting battery for a trolling motor?

A starting battery should not be used for trolling motors or powering appliances. … A deep cycle battery is the right choice for powering an electric trolling motor and other battery-powered accessories such as audio systems, a windlass, depth finders, fish locators, and applicances.

How do you measure a trolling motor shaft?

The shaft length on a trolling motor is measured from the base of the motor head down the the top of the motor compartment.